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Not empty words but rather financial seamy side may reveal you the gist of any relati



Not empty words but rather financial seamy side may reveal you the gist of any relationship actually. How does it work, President of Georgia vs opposition? If you happened to visit internet.ge site this month (exact dates are October 24/25) you could study quite amusing doc describing financial aspect of this relationship. I bet you would be quite impressed by some details!
I suppose it was posted by some former staffer of the Saakashvili administration evidently being sore at Saakashvili’s regime (perhaps they fired him or did some injustice, downgraded or what).
If you take this doc seriously it pushes you to some really brown conclusions relating democracy in Georgia. It amounts just to this. Saakashvili seems to differ between his own “tame” opposition and some “alien” opposition really opposing him!! The first are Alasania and Okruashvili and their like whom Saakashvili has been catering with money donations, all their “oppositional projects” being generously financed. The second are Burjanadze and Nogaideli and their sort who are really opposing Saakashvili and whom he’s trying to neutralize and subdue by all possible means. Mockery of democracy, it is! That’s why the document (compromising Saakashvili stuff in fact) was exempted from the site in such haste. It contained concrete sums from the budget money coming to so called “oppositional projects” and to pay off definite political postures prescribed by Saakashvili to those dummy opposition members and … well…. lots of other things.
I wonder if anything of the kind can occur in matured western democracies?
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