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Not an update...

Waiting for CAT scan results. Big test. The results will decide if I get more chemo or if the chemo's stopped working.

But I thought some might find a few tidbits interesting. So. Why does chemo stop working? I looked it up. There are many reasons, but the two that spoke to me are...

#1... cancer cells aren't recognized as abnormal by your body which is why it's so hard to cure. Your body thinks those crazily multiplying cells are normal. Oops! So. When it senses chemo is destroying those cells? Your immune system goes to work overdrive to stop the damage.

One way it does that is to "quickly eject the poison of chemo from those cells hoping to save them. And it saves some of them for sure.

The other way is to develop an immunity. Yep, most of them are killed by the chemo. But the ones that survive? They're Immune, And THEY multiply. Oops!

What a remarkable machine is the human body.

#2... Today I had a CAT scan. ever have one? If they do it with an IV contrast, you'll suddenly feel like you've peed your pants. You haven't, it that's how it feels. TMI? My apologies. Women tend not to care. Men will go ewwww.

Anyhow, why that feeling? Because! Your body says, "WTF?!" You've just injected me with radioactive iodine! What's wrong with you???" And it's trying to get rid of it as fast as it possibly can. So, within just a few seconds, it's sent it down through your veins and into your bladder. Bye-bye iodine. Oh, there's residual, but the majority is gone VERY quickly.

Im in awe at the miracle that is the human body. Positive awe. Please excuse my lay explanation of what's going on. The simplistic description does come from medical pros paraphrased by Maggie.

I'll let you know the CAT scan results... thanks for putting up with me.
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