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Not A Good Situation for 2008

Nov 1, 2005
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There is a real problem now. One of Cheaney's advisors now faces purgory charges, and you know these people don't act alone. Other people in the administration had to know about this also. The Senate went into a closed hearing because they were lied to about why we went to Iraq in the first place. The thing is, you don't know who's connected and who's not. We won't find out until Nov. 14. People will be indicted on these matters though and they could include Cheaney and Rumsfeld. Another bad part of it is, is that the House of Rep's are the one's bringing these allegations. The Senate has already went to a closed session about it and now the House of Rep's are pissed! Something will happen very soon! A rep from Florida (albeit a Democrat) was quoted as saying "this could be the biggest cover-up in the history of the nation". Congress, The UN and the American people were all misled by this administration. If anything it hurt's the Repub's chances of having the nation believe in them for 2008.
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