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North Carolina Board of Elections chairman resigns amid election fraud investigation

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North Carolina Board of Elections chairman resigns amid election fraud investigation

The chairman of the North Carolina Board of Elections has resigned amid a growing investigation into possible election fraud that allegedly took place in this year's primary and general elections in the state's 9th Congressional District.

Andy Penry, a Democrat appointed to the position by the state's Democratic Governor Roy Cooper, had been facing criticism from local Republican officials that he is biased, pointing to various Twitter posts that were critical of President Trump as evidence.
Penry's Twitter account has been changed to private, but the Raleigh News & Observer, whose editorial board called on Penry to resign yesterday, cites an example where he referred to Trump as a "despicable human being."
In a statement released Saturday, and first reported by the Washington Post, Penry says he will "not allow [himself] to be used an instrument of distraction in this investigation."


The event described in this article are part of an ongoing investigation/examination of voting in North Carolina's 9th congressional district, where a possibility exists that voter fraud and/or election fraud caused the republican to beat the democrat..fraudulently.

As of yet it's unclear.

But the entire 9-person election board refused to certify the election until they examine more evidence/information.

I was reading this 538 article from yesterday and ran across the above while looking for new information:
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