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Non-Libertarian Conservatives on Libertarian Issues

Conservatives only: Please select the issues you agree with

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Please only vote in this poll if you are a conservative who is not a Libertarian.

I posted a poll not long ago on how Libertarians on this board feel about the platform issues of the Libertarian party. The poll can be found here and the Libertarian Platform is here.

Now I am curious how conservatives and liberals view these same issues. In this poll, please vote if you are a conservative who does not identify as a libertarian. I will be doing another poll momentarily for liberals. The poll questions will be identical.

Poll incoming, be patient, I type slow.
There's only one I can really agree with, allowing individuals to opt out of Social Security, everything else is far too broad to give more than provisional consent to. Most of it I don't agree with, except under very specific conditions. That's why I'm not a libertarian.
The statements are broad, since there is not a whole lot of room to type for each poll answer. If you are unsure of the exact position, I did provide a link to the source I used to get the list from which expands on each.

I think this poll will show a lot of support from non-libertarian conservatives for libertarian policies, mainly because there are no social issues and that is where libertarians and conservatives tend to diverge. For example, I think most libertarians aren't about to tell you that you can't get an abortion but I definately noticed a conservative on this poll voting very supportively for these policies who certainly would tell you that you can't get an abortion.
The statements are broad, since there is not a whole lot of room to type for each poll answer. If you are unsure of the exact position, I did provide a link to the source I used to get the list from which expands on each.

Which is entirely cool, but again, as stated, I cannot vote for the vast majority of the statements because they are so overly-broad. For example, we cannot end foreign intervention across the board, even though we ought to end a lot of the galavanting we do around the globe. We cannot end all gun bans, although certainly we ought to control guns to a certain extent. We cannot end all foreign aid, but there are a lot of countries out there that don't deserve our money. I can only vote based on how the statements are phrased, not on how I might modify them.
Laissez Faire capitalism

I think this is subject to interpretation of what minimum government interference and regulation. laissez faire: Definition from Answers.com I view a ban on monopolies, workers comp(basically you get injured on the job or job related then the employer pays your hospital bills and compensates you for missed pay as a result of that on the job or job related injury), minimum wage standards, restricting the size a company can get to so that we do not have any too big to fail companies to minimum government interference and regulation. While someone else thinks requiring companies to provide health insurance in minimum government interference and regulation.

End drug prohibition
I would be willing to end the prohibition against marijuana and maybe anything that can eaten,smoked or chewed in its natural state/form.

Avoid interventionism in foreign policy
To a certain degree we should avoid interfering with other countries but I do support military strikes against countries that pose a threat to us and our allies and preemptive military strikes against countries that pose a threat to us or our allies.

End foreign aid
I support ending foreign aid.

End gun bans
Gun bans blatantly violate the constitution. So gun bans should end.

Deregulate healthcare

If they mean ending the CON requirements for hospitals then sure. I would need a better idea of what deregulate healthcare exactly means before an opinion on the issue.
Semi-amnesty for illegal aliens(work for amnesty)
I do not support any amnesty for illegals.

End welfare
I support welfare just as long as it is a helping hand and not used a means for someone to not work.

Allow opting out of Social Security
Only if they can prove that they have will a means to support themselves after they retire until death. Some one just opting out because they do not want to pay and have no ability to prove that they will have the ability financially to support themselves should not be allowed to opt out.
I don't know if I qualify as conservative, but I voted for capitalism deregulate healthcare (with the current legislation), and allowing people to opt out of Social Security.
Laissez Faire capitalism - yes, in almost all cases. Obviously there are some cases where regulation is necessary for capitalism to function properly, but I don't think that's enough to put me in the "no" category.

End drug prohibition - no, but end the prohibition on use and possession. Prohibit by law only sale, distribution, and manufacture.

Avoid interventionism in foreign policy - no, non-interventionism is a naive ideology, especially in thinking they are different from isolationists when they really aren't.

End foreign aid - no, ties in with non-interventionism. Also, anyone who thinks that this significantly adds to our debt is in need of a fact-check.

End gun bans - yes, with caveats. At some point in the range from stick to nuclear bomb, you get to a point where it is too dangerous to legally allow individual possession. But IMO, that only applies to the most powerful guns.

Deregulate healthcare - yes, it is ridiculous that people are looking to the government to solve a problem that the government created.

Semi-amnesty for illegal aliens(work for amnesty) - yes, I am probably one of the only conservatives who actually supports this. The logistics of deporting 12 million illegals just doesn't work out.

End welfare - no, a safety net is an important part of any civilized society, but it should probably be smaller than it is now.

Allow opting out of Social Security - yes, I don't see why anyone wouldn't support this.
Laissez Faire capitalism
I support limited government, not Laissez Faire capitalism. Government needs to be there to regulate business, to take care of disabled people, and also should provide a security net, because everyone can be unlucky. However, often the government does way more than it is supposed to do. For instance, why should the government regulate the amount of hours I want to work. Most countries in Europe does, and it's not 65 hours, but 35-40 hours.

End drug prohibition

Never, it would make it possible to sell hard core drugs over the counter. Some kids may end up buying this stuff and ruin their lives. People don't need drugs anyway.

Avoid interventionism in foreign policy
Should be an ideal, but not always possible.

End foreign aid
No, but the nature of foreign aid should stop. Government should try to open up for free trade and should help countries develop. A lot of foreign aid only helps a country for some few years and doesn't have an plan for how the country is supposed to support itself.

End gun bans
No, cause then it would be legal to have mentally unstable people walk around with a AK-47, loaded.

Deregulate healthcare
I think he is talking about completly deregulating health care. I actually support the public option, because I'm uncertain if private health care actually works. However, we have experience from many other countries that public health care with a private option works ok. Reality is, health insurance in the US costs the same for the public, but way more for the private person. Also, not everyone is covered.

Better to deregulate other places. For instance US should open for more charter schools and allow more competition between schools. In many ways the american school system is quite left-wing.

Semi-amnesty for illegal aliens(work for amnesty)
Never, it will only make more people cross the border. I think it should be easier to come the legal way, and illigal alians should have a harder time. For instance illigal alians should be kicked out when they get health care.

End welfare
No, government must be there for people who can't take care of themselves.

Allow opting out of Social Security
You mean by not having to pay for social securty, but you also won't be provided any services. No, because government works because everyone that can contribute, contributes. Hence, everyone should pay. However, I see something good about it. It will then be restricted to the people who are sick, or else people won't pay. In many countries, perfectly healthy adults are living off other peoples tax money.
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I'm curious to see how interventionsim polls. It would be fun to see an old school paleo-con vs neo-con fight break out in this thread. Other than that issue which could split near 50/50, I suspect there will be a heavy overlap between the two philosphies, except for immigration and drugs.
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