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Nobody has brought up T.O. yet


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Oct 4, 2005
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So what do people think about Terrel Owens and his suspension? I applaud Andy Reid for taking an "old school" approach and taking control of the team. John gruden did the same thing with Keyshawn Johnson. What a primadonna T.O. is! He is a great receiver. He is also a great baffoon when a microphone is in front of his face. You think that he would have learned by now not to answer questions that bait him into saying outrageous things.
I'm in Philly, so I get it all friggin' day...

Maybe they'll shut up about it before the Super Bowl...doubtful
What an ignorant fool, I hope they are true to their word in Philly, and fire his ass.:doh
galenrox said:
yeah, I turned on the Comcast Bears Postgame, and I heard mention of a reciever badmouthing a quarterback (before I knew about this who TO shinanigans) and got real worried that Muhammed was trash talking Orton. Then I realized that they were discussing the Eagles on a Bears postgame after they played the Saints, and I was filled with rage.
I'm frickin sick of this guy, and I'm frickin sick of him taking away from time that could be better spent discussing how cool the Bears are and how they're in first place!

Muhammed is way too classy to trash Orton. I am sure he had hoped he would have better numbers this year. But he has kept quiet and worked hard, like a team player should. I would take Muhammed over T.O. any day. Go Bears!!!!!!
galenrox said:
hell yeah Muhammed is a class act. And he'll get his numbers once Orton gets better at placing his passes and they get a regular second good reciever.

Yeah, it's a damn shame Bradley went down. He was starting to look really good. Moose's numbers wont be what they were in Carolina anyway as the weather is worse in the NFC North games. I think Moose's numbers will rise also as they implement play-action passes for him. The run game is doing so well that the play-action easily presents itself.
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