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No More Mines Like Sago (1 Viewer)


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Oct 15, 2005
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Did those men in the Sago mine have to die? Do thousands of miners have to go down into holes gouged in our Earth every day under conditions the coal companies themselves have admitted are unsafe and unhealthy? Mines such as Sago are routinely cited for violation of Federal Safety Standards. These Federal inspections occur four times annually, Sago mine had 208 Federal Violations in 2005, the companies said were inherited from the previous owners and were working to correct them. Yet mining companies have spent more money on technology to extract coal faster, than updating safety equipment for miners. What if there was another product besides coal America could use in its industries?

Well there is one. Hemp. Miners in America could be above the ground growing Hemp and creating jobs for our country's economy and providing the needed means to fuel America's industries safely. Americans need not be dying deep inside black holes in the Earth, or getting sick and costing America’s health and social services millions yearly. Hemp has proven it can provide the needed substitute to all America's petroleum and fossil fuels needs.

The industries that are currently employing coal as a means of energy could be using Hemp pellets. Hemp made into large industrial mats could be produced. These mats prevent slipping and absorb any oil or hydraulic fluids and trapping such pollutants in its fibers, keeping the runoff from poisoning our land and water. Once these mats are used, a simple process can form them into pellets. When blown into combustion chambers these pellets have shown to be as efficient as coal without the ash and toxins emitted from coals use and provide the same results as coal. This process recovers the stored energy content termed the BTU value. A thermo generating natural plant source, Hemp can replace coal in producing electricity and heat.

The US Navy reviewed findings such as these and sited the domestic ban on Hemp as a main reason for not implementing such a program on US Naval ships.

These mats could be produced cheaply today, saving our future, American lives and creating new jobs. The jobs to grow, ship, and produce these mats for such use could create an economic boom for such small communities where mining is the only employment available. Many miners would not be able to find other well paying jobs in their area, and be forced to move to a larger city. This process would create a perfect industry for such men and their families.

The social and public systems of our country are pushed to their financial limits with a greater and greater demand being placed on them daily. Health care would no longer have to pay for the numerous illnesses caused by such mining operations. Families left by the death of a father and husband and are now forced to apply for such service to make ends meet would no longer have to apply for such benifits.

The ecology of such areas would improve and the toxic pollutants they spew for miles would be significantly reduced, further saving costs to the Nations health care system. Implementation of Hemp based fuels nationwide could only benefit every American. Every City Nationwide could only be improved by Hemps use.

No more acid rain and other such poisons causing illness and disease around our country, a cleaner environment, and savings in the millions for the American Tax payer. This ban on Industrial Hemp has ended more lives than it has saved. Not one single person has ever died from a Hemp overdose and because Hemp contains THC amounts so minute it has no medicinal value, there is no criminal element seeking to grow Hemp. Hemp has never killed a single person in this or any country, but the lack of it has because numerous deaths like the Sago mine disaster.

Hemp is still listed as a Schedule 1 drug despite the lack of medicinal properties. Comparing the death rate of miners to the crime of growing Hemp, it seems more dangerous to Americans to keep this plant outlawed. Truly save lives, create jobs, and clean up our environment America. Allow Americans such as those miners to grow Hemp. It can only help us financially, environmentally, industrially and create a safer world for us all.

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