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No more business trips to Belarus... !


Aug 27, 2010
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Thank God our boss has got bored with going to that damn country, you see, he used to drag me and some other guys out there with him. At first he thought that we had some investment and business prospects in that country as it is usually the case with other normal developing countries. And you know it really was very promising on the paper but when we began visiting the sites and learning the details of the Belarusian bureaucratic procedures it all turned out to be one great f*cking mess.
The sites and facilities are all half ruined, all machinery is almost out of operation...although it’s not very surprising because the youngest device was produced in (!) 1983. Actually I don’t know why it’s not fallen to pieces yet...
And the ‘funniest’ thing is requirements to foreign investors. The want to fleece us of all our money, they impose such high taxes that it would be easier to move business to Paris or London, f*ck it! At the same time no one guarantees that tomorrow Belarusian President Lukashenko will not order that all foreigners be forced out of the country and all their businesses privatized – that imbecile surely can do this.
So guys IMHO there’s gonna be nothing to do in Belarus for another 20 years or so to come until they remake their Soviet-like economy and clear up the mess with their lawless authorities.
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