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No Links for You

I know I should be including links if I expect anyone to take me seriously here. I don’t think I’ve included a single ‘IMO’ in a single entry. I don’t think I will, either, as I see it. This is more of a joyride, anyway. In Soup-Nazi fashion; no links for you. You need to detox. The info-journey is it.

A few links and an hour aren’t going to prove anything to you anyway – I tried that route. You have to want to give up the pipe. I’m comfortable with my ‘sources’. I’ve probably posted a couple hundred links in the discussion forums at some point. At least 80% of them would be considered mainstream. Some ‘research’ can’t be posted as a link.

From my perspective, and many others in my boat, we understand the information is incredibly shocking and unbelievable. That is why I spent so many freakin’ hours, very consciously trying to keep an open mind while I viewed both muddy sides… ACLU, ACRU… 9/11 skeptics, 9/11 debunkers… Humanitarian organizations, Corporate defenders… Fox, MSNBC and anything in between… On and on, not to mention just about any documentary, from any ‘side’, that I could get my hands on, 3+ decades of ‘overly curious’ observance, and some individual critical thought…

If your friendly neighborhood media didn’t tell you it was important first, then none of it is credible in your eyes anyway, no matter how solid the information is. It’s a dream to you. You don’t even believe your own eyes over what they bludgeon into you every day from the ‘side’ you’ve picked. Why would I expect you to believe me, or my side, as you see it? You want links? Go get them yourself, they’re out there. I did my homework.

This isn’t about me or my credibility, anyway. I don’t care if you think I’m incredible. I’m just pointing my finger from my corner, nagravating from the backseat, even making up words when I damn well please. You can’t trust a guy like that, trust me. I can bitch till I’m blue in the face, but until you do your own leg work, you can’t feel the pinch to know you’re awake. You’re waiting to hit rock bottom for that education, and I’m just a silly bloke who’s trying to tell you that there’s no trip back to the top once you get there…

Quite honestly, I never expected to be doing anything with this information from the start – it was just curiosity to destroy the nagging ‘myth’. I had some stuff backed-up, but 5 years, 3 moves, and 2 HD failures later, I’ve forgotten more stuff than I’d bet a lot of you will even know in your lifetime. I mean that as nicely as possible, well aware that you’ve forgotten things too, that I’ll never know.

My point is, I’m going off my round feeling on all that information that I know I took the time to make sure was legit, whittling it down and down until I felt I had the least ‘frilly’ version that counted, before I sat and digested it. I could find the facts again if I had to, wouldn’t be embarrassed to provide them. I’ve refreshed what I’ve needed when necessary, too. The rest is your job, and I don’t want to provide a single link that you can ‘blame’ on me. Go start where you want to start, follow the path that comes through to you

And you’re going to do just that, right?

See what I mean?

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