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NHL, NBA, MLB, WNBA & MLS all postpone games. It appears that BL do M to some people.


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Aug 4, 2017
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“If you look around this room there’s a lot of white athletes in here,” said Reaves. “I think that’s the statement that’s being made right now. It’s great the NBA did this, the MLB, the WNBA, they have a lot of black players in those leagues, but for all these athletes in here to take a stand and say we see the problem too, and we stand behind you. I go to war with these guys and I hate their guts on the ice, but I couldn’t be more proud of these guys. The statement they’ve made today is something that’s going to last. These two days aren’t going to fix anything, but the conversation and the statement that has been made is very powerful, especially coming from this league.”

"The past four months have shed a light on the ongoing racial injustices facing our African American communities," the Bucks players said in a statement. "Citizens around the country have used their voices and platforms to speak out against these wrongdoings."
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