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NFL Steroid Policy "Not Perfect"


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Mar 31, 2005
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According to CBSNews.com, the National Football League's steroids policy is tough, but it's not perfect. On Wednesday, April 27 the NFL was targeted for the lack of discipline in their steroid policy. The head of congressional committee said Wednesday that he hopes to introduce a bill governing drug testing across the spectrum of U.S. Sports.

First we saw all the Major League Baseball, superstars getting blamed for using steroids, and other supplement creams, now it has transpired into the NFL. Reporters say that the number of players in the NFL, that have tested positive for steroids is very low, because the players have found ways in which to avoid the drug from appearing when screened.

As far as all this talk about steroids goes, I think that talent should be labeled as talent. If a person is capable of hitting a ball, or throwing a pass, or catching a pass and running for a touchdown, we should not jump to the conclusion of saying that they cheat and use steroids. We should label them as talented, and when the proof shows that they are cheaters, then we should discredit them, and label them as a cheater. In addition, the different sport leagues, fine players for steroid use, the NFL suspends players certain number of games and fines them, for example Jamal Lewis. Look at what happen to him. So, it is not whether the policy is perfect or imperfect, it is how many times do they test, and how strict are they about letting the players now that steroids is not acceptable. If the person is said to be a "Professional Athlete," then why use steroids?
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