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NFL Season Expansion?

Cold Highway

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May 30, 2007
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So I was watching Loudmouths on Sports Net New York yesterday and Adam Schein brought up the point of extending the season to 18 games. Chris Carlin rejected the idea because the biggest problem is injuries and playing too deep into the winter isnt feesable for the players. I disagree with that notion because injuries are just the nature of the beast and for us heavy winter fans, football is meant to be played in all types of weather. My solution would be to start the season early, instead of four pre-season games cut it to two and make the third preseason game week 1.
That's definitely what would happen. The oveall amount of games will remain unchanged, which is 20 (more if you make playoffs). I've never heard of any ideas where the regular season went to 18 and the exhibition/preseason weren't cut.
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