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NFL Fines/Suspensions for legal hits


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This is a gross over-reaction to players getting injured. Of all the "questionable" hits this past week, only one would fall under "excessive" IMO and that was the Meriweather hit. These guys make an outrageous amount of money to play a game. They know the risks involved and they are over-compensated for it financially. Does a police officer working in South Central LA make the money that the lowest paid NFL player does? Isn't his job more dangerous? Do members of our armed services make anywhere near the money that NFL players make? Isn't their job more dangerous? Does a teacher working at an inner city public school in Detroit make anywhere near the money that the NFL players make? Isn't their job more dangerous?

I'm completely OK with going after excessive helmet-to-helmet hits, such as Meriweather's, but I see this as nothing more than an over-reaction. Football is a violent sport and it's violence is a big reason that it is so popular. Football has surpassed basketball and baseball in terms of popularity long ago primarily for this reason. But football can learn a valuable lesson from baseball. When a player gets hit by a pitch intentionally in baseball, there is retaliation from the other pitcher. When a player gets taken out due to a violent hit in football, you take out one of theirs. Let the players work this out and keep the fines out of it.
I think the reaction we are dealing with right now is simply that a reaction to something violent. There were a lot of players hurt Sunday from helmet to helmet and to avoid Congress getting involved (for some reason) the NFL took a harsh stance. I think once the outrage that has seem to come out from this goes away then the penalty will die down.
It is stupid and gonna mess up game:(
I think it really depends on how the NFL draws the lines here. I have no problem with fining or suspending players for hits that are clearly and egregiously illegal. To the best of my knowledge, that's all they've said they're planning on doing. If they tried to expand it to punish players for hits that are borderline or legal but painful, I'd have a problem. That's not happening yet, so I'm not too concerned.
O man who remembers chuck ceceil? that guy was the man. He was vicious! We need more players like him!
That's nothing. Put Ray Lewis next to the likes of Lambert or Butkus. He'd look like a *****.
In Charlotte they are putting some type of tracking devices in senior football players helmets so they can track what these hits do to the players.

Wondering if this is just in Charlotte, NC or everywhere..
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