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New Whip in the House


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Nov 19, 2018
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That being South Carolina Democrat { James Clyburn } who had created for him
the Title of Assistant Democrat Leadership after Nancy Pelosi Lost her speakership
gavel in the 2010 Midterms.In fact,steadfastly refusing to step down from her Vanuted
Democrat leader perch,Pelosi remained as leader and even threw herself a celebratory
Party for her efforts since 2007.Steny Hoyer { former House Whip } will now be the
Majority leader and James Clyburn { as syncophantic a Pol as one will ever meet }
will replace Hoyer as the new House Whip.Kinda neato ... huh.Except for one little addendum.
Who will take over as Assistant House leader { Clyburn's old title }.
Of course Democrats have that figgered out ... right.
No need to create hysteria as South Carolina was once home to Oldest and 2nd longest serving
Senator on record and also the Longest Filibuster in the Senate Chamber.One Strom Thurmond.
A filibuster AGAINST { lasting over 24 hrs. } the 1957 Civil Rights Act.
Does history have a sense of humor or what.Oh ! Pardon Moi.That would be
Robert " KKK " Byrd who served The longest as U.S. Senator in our vaunted history.
Same sense of humor.Only separated by a few states and few decades.
And some truly bigoted notions once upon a time.
Same Democrat Party ... yeah right.
James Clyburn who just a couple years ago cautioned The only Black in the
Senate { Tim Scott } about " Voting his color ".It was reported but not very
often or widely.Clyburn is an automatic rubber stamp for Anything Nancy Pelosi
and Steny Hoyer call for.
I remember right after the Historic Congressional vote on Obamacare that night
a Congressman's office was bricked.So ... according to Hoyer and Clyburn who quickly
made the rounds to inform the Press.
Just like the grand lie by Congessional Blacks { a staffer for James Clyburn told Reporters }
that Congressmans John Lewis and Emanuel Cleaver were spat upon and racial slurs
hurled by Tea Party Protestors outside the Capitol as the Congressman were passing
through Longworth office bldg. en route to hear the President make an address.
Andrew Breitbart invested time and energy and eventually offered $ 10,ooo
to anyone who had video of the incident.Then a while later the amount offered was
$ 100,ooo.The closed circuit cameras used showed nothing as reported by James Clyburn
who had the most to say about the incident.
It was reported how Incredulous Clyburn was about this Faked incident ,referencing
how he had not seen such shocking treatment since he led Civil Rights Protests in the 60's.
That is why Clyburn was awarded a made-up Title by Pelosi {House Asst. Minority Leader }.
because he was fundamentally Down for the Cause.
make no mistake about it.Clyburn is a crafty duplicitous Liar.
This is word salad.
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