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New Political Philosophy Website Launched

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I have just launched a new political philosphy website:

Leftlibertarianism.org has been created for the purpose of promoting awareness and discussion of leftlibertarianism and its ideals including individual freedom and autonomy.

The site includes a forum and a news section where news items relating to individual liberty and threats from authoritarianism are posted.

If you are intersted please have a look. Here is a sampling from the FAQ page:

What is Leftlibertarianism?

Leftlibertarianism is a political philosophy that asserts both Libertarian full self-ownership and Liberal equality. Libertarian full self-ownership means that every person owns their own body and abilities, and all that comes from them. Consequently, no one has the right to do anything to another without consent that would violate his or her individual autonomy and freedom. Liberal equality means that all people, regardless of their abilities or situation, should, when possible, have all the opportunities needed to strive for self-fulfillment and self-actualization. This includes such basics as food, shelter, health care, and education.

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