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New photo of Zimmerman and Martin TOGETHER!!!

This exciting photo is exclusive to Debate Politics and thus far has not been seen anywhere else!

Never trust a guy who starts going grey at 15 years old.

Martin looks so guilty.
Here is another set of photos of the now famous duo.
Some say the media has been touching up the photos to make Zimmerman look guilty and Martin look innocent...
What do you think??
Martin and Zimmerman.jpg
I think that Zimm's eyes are way too close together.
I think that Zimm's eyes are way too
close together.

Yes !! Good point.

Predators naturally have eyes located on the front of the head.

Prey animals have eyes located on the side of the head.

Look at the location of the eyes on sweet innocent Trayvon Martin.

Side of the head. The prosecution should be all over this.
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