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New Laws to induce a code of conduct for CCTV cameras in the UK


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Oct 14, 2012
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BBC News - Surveillance camera code of practice comes into force

A code of practice on the use of surveillance cameras by bodies such as local authorities and police forces has come into effect in England and Wales

The Home Office introduced the code after concerns over the potential for the abuse or misuse of surveillance by the state in public places

The code of practice also restricts access to and retention of data, and encourages private operators to apply the code as well as public bodies

So the Coalition give the impression that they are defending civil liberties and privacy, however the reality is:

We have already seen cases of cameras in school toilets, neighbours involving the police because of cameras on private property and concerns about new marketing technology tracking number plates, yet the code would not apply in any of these situations.

Its just a move by the coalition to be seen to protect freedoms when all they are doing is applying to a minority of cameras.
Protection of Freedoms my arse. ;)
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