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New James Bond Film


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Aug 23, 2005
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South Shore of Long Island.
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The new film will be called Casino Royale. Its based on the first book of Bond by Ian Flemming that was never made into a movie. The plot of the book is that a russian agent named Le Chiffere tries to win back the fortune which he lost for SMERSH, which is a russian spy agency. They send bond to make sure he doesn't win it.

The new James Bond is gonna star Daniel Craig, who will be the first blond bond, though no ones certain if he'll die his hair or not. I think that this movie could end up being the one that brings back the glory of the old bond films, where they were almost always a 3 and a half to four star movies.

Check out www.jamesbond.com for more info. It has a really really neat flash intro.
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