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New Hamphire schools to continue allowing guns


Apr 20, 2005
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OK this is a little dated but most of the nation doesn't know about it:

The New Hampshire House voted overwhelmingly this session to kill a gun control bill which would have restricted the possession of guns on public school property. NH will continue to be one of a tiny handful of states that still respects the 2nd Amendment in and around schools.

Open carry in or near a school raises eyebrows, of course, but at least there is no law to come after people with when they are responsibly carrying. Perhaps it's no coincidence that no one I know of can remember ever having a school shooting in this state, although it's possible I'm missing something.

I and other Free Staters had a chance to testify against this bill back when it was in committee; I got the hearing's only standing ovation (and it's been all downhill since...when I show up to testify, sometimes the reps want to strangle me LOL)! But at this hearing the citizen gun lobby really came out of the woodwork; probably 20 of them testified against, outnumbering the gun controllers around 3-1. The committee voted our way narrowly, recommending 7-6 that the "control freak" bill was "inexpedient to legislate." That enabled the stunning victory in the House. I dont' remember the exact House vote but it was about 2-1 to keep guns legal in schools.

Free Staters, by the way, are people who have moved to New Hampshire for more freedom and for the purpose of enhancing the existing freedom here (details on that at FreeStateProject.org )

Details on the gun vote itself are at:


I couldn't get your link to work...
ack sorry about that....I don't think I can find it either...it's somewhere at NHfree.com
DadaOrwell said:
ack sorry about that....I don't think I can find it either...it's somewhere at NHfree.com

Eh, too bad. Sounded interesting; I'll keep watch to see if you find it.
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