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Never mind the street thugs, it's the Banksters who are truly Untouchable!


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Sep 16, 2009
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20:00 Dispatches: How the Banks Won
As spending cuts and tax rises are anticipated in the emergency Budget to help pay for the bank bail-out, Will Hutton investigates how the financial organisations continue to make investments that risk government-guaranteed funds. He also reveals the continuation of vast salaries and bonuses, and shows why a lack of urgent reform could result in another crash. Featuring contributions from President Obama's banking adviser Paul Volcker and former Chancellor Alistair Darling.

It's absolutely, disgustingly true - they who hold the money hold the power. And they can't be punished for it without (apparently) bringing the entire financial framework of the Capitalist world down with it.

(..And before any communists start whooping it can still be said that, even with this recession, the average Joe lives a much more free and affluent life than his counterparts in the Red countries. It's more of an 'effluent', hand-to-mouth life out there, back in the stone age where recession, oppression and hardship are hardwired into the system as a standard fixture!)

International money markets are enlarged casinos, the stakes including the very houses you live in and the very money you earn. It's all about the wispy world of 'confidence', but surely that shouldn't extend to con tricks where each misjudgement in fraud can lead to the next great Depression! (The programme says we're one more recession away.)
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