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Neo-nazis, complicating political messages


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Apr 22, 2019
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It's a bit hard to understand why neo-Nazis are a thing. Even if people are racists or have other sympathetic views, you'd think they might recognize the benefit of re-branding. But let's skip that, because they are a thing.

But it's a bit complicated the roles they play. They are used for political attacks - but often in propagandistic if not hypocritical ways.

Ukraine has a 'key' military unit with strong ties to neo-Nazis - with a history of funding by a corrupt oligarch - who is, wait for it, Jewish.

Putin uses that unit, greatly exaggerating it, for his own propaganda for his criminal war - but oh wait, Putin allows similar groups in Russia and has ties to far-right groups allied with them globally.

And oh, ya, the US has found some of our own military has been neo-Nazis and other far-right groups. And of course we were the world's biggest rehabilitator of the actual Nazis after WWII, putting them to work for us. So it's a heck of an issue, a heck of a mess. A neo-Nazi unit key to Ukraine's defense against Putin's war - who to side with? Here's an article on the topic.

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