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Nearly Four-Fifths of White Evangelicals Say They’ll Vote for Donald Trump

What does it tell me?

that labels and propaganda are powerful tools that some have no compunction in using to get their way in a representative republic, because they believe anyone with a differing opinion to be evil and morally corrupt.

at least , that's what I think it tells us.
Really? A group that votes consistently for the GOP, will once again vote for the GOP. That is supposed to define American Christianity? What about the large (overwhelming) number of black Christians that are voting for Clinton? What does that say about American Christianity?

I didn't say it defines Christianity, but yeah, defines a large population of Christians.
So you expect them to vote for the candidate of the current President who lamented that some people still cling to their guns and bibles?

Christians are usual conservative to right wing. Not the Jesus of the Bible who they worship.
In your dreams. They'll write in JC before they do that.

Like I said, I don't support Clinton. But Trump is closer to the anti-Christ than Jesus.
Tells you a lot about American Christianity.

Yep. Christians aren't interested in voting for more gov't corruption, the cancer of liberalism, and massive regulations and high taxes.
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