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NCAA losing its perspective

What is your response to the NCAA postseason ban on Native American mascots?

  • Against. Just another inane policy by the NCAA.

    Votes: 3 100.0%
  • In Favor. The NCAA needs to do something to regulate school mascots.

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  • Not enough. The NCAA needs to do more to eliminate American Indian mascots.

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The NCAA is not new to drawing controversy for the way it holds a stranglehold over college sports. I remember when Brian Bosworth wore a T-Shirt stating the NCAA was "National Communists Against Athletics." I remember with fury how the no celebration rule cost the Georgia Bulldawgs a bowl game against Virginia years ago without any consideration for the emotional up and down season Georgia had as well as the up and down nature of that particular Peach Bowl. Now the NCAA is going over the top.

They are now taking on American Indian mascots. They say that schools may no longer use them in any form in NCAA post-season tournaments. No more Fighting Illini in March Madness. No more Fighting Sioux in the Frozen Four. At least the Seminoles don't have to worry so long as there is not football postseason tournament.

We know PC forces have been arguing for this for some time, but this is positively nutty. I suppose next will be every other ethnic based name. I am Norman French, thus descended from Vikings. I guess it is time to force Minnesota's football team to change its name. Time to get rid of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish I suppose. Where does this all stop?

Part of what is great about college sports is the colorfulness of many of its nicknames. American Indian nicknames, many of which are indications of tribes that lived (or still live) in the vicinity of the university sporting the name, is a part of the color that makes college sports great.
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I completely agree. With the big problems concerning the BAC bowl system and the watering down of many college sports the NCAA has much more to worry about than who calls themselves what.
And on another negative note, everytime we let the activist crowds win these little battles they will expect more, not just the PC warriors but all of them it sets a bad precedent to give professional whiners their way.
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