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NC Republicans helped create extremists like Cawthorn. Now it’s who they are.


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Dec 22, 2005
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A growing number of Republicans seem to be coming around to an idea that’s old news: people like Madison Cawthorn maybe shouldn’t hold public office. Cawthorn, only a first-term congressman, frequently makes national headlines for all the wrong reasons. Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson, the state’s top-ranking Republican, hasn’t shied away from divisive rhetoric of his own. In so many respects, they define what the North Carolina Republican Party has become: a party of extremism. A party that, despite everything, has stood by former President Donald Trump. And apparently, some within their party are unhappy with that branding — at least behind the scenes.
“Cawthorn is not well-regarded with Republicans statewide in North Carolina. Many of us think he is an embarrassment to our party and state,” a GOP strategist, speaking anonymously, told the conservative Washington Examiner. But it might be too late to reclaim the moral high ground. ...

this is going to be an interesting election in NC's 11 district
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