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Nazi Flag


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Apr 20, 2005
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I got invited to this protest. It's some protest at a store that is selling Nazi flags. Personally, I wouldn't buy one, but doesn't the first amendment cover this? If you want to own a Nazi flag and be an anti-semitist, go right ahead. You'll probably end up rather lonely, but that's your choice.

Isn't the swastika a religious symbol (hindu/jainist) anyway?

I don't know me and some friends got into a discussion about it.
Personally I hate Nazis. But I suppose they are protected under the 1st amendment. That is, until they actually enact their beliefs on someone of the Jewish faith.

And Yes, the Swastika is a religious symbol http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Swastika
The Symbol the Nazis used on their flags was the original Mesopotamian symbol for "The Sun". And I dont see why One cannot sell A Nazi Flag, under the USA laws, so its not really illegal or infringing upon rights, but the protesters, they might have been infringing upon the Store Keepers rights, it depends if they were just standing next to the store, or such, or actually trampling upon his store, knocking on it, or blocking it, which would have been going on private property and infringing upon the storekeeper's rights.

I personally believe that very few Nazis exist nowadays. I mean, when one looks at the idealogy; ie. The Superiority of the Aryan race, the inferiority of the Jewish Race, Totaliratarion state, and National Socialism, One can get temporarily riled up to it, but one normally sees that it in the end, doesnt work and causes unnecasary loses. But People should not bother a storekeeper for selling Flags, because he is not a threat. Noone is going to BECOME a nazi from it, and those who are nazis already will just be appeased by buying the flags. And besides, flags of countries like Communist China, the USSR, and occasionally places like Imperial Japan are still sold, so why be so concerned about this one flag?
Good point, truth-bringer. I'd just like to add that Confederate flags are still sold in the United States, and though I was surprised to see them, I decided that the store should be allowed to sell them if they want to. I'd say the same for Nazi flags. I don't like the idea of it, but I don't see any law that the store's are breaking by selling them.
howdo i quote? lol

anyways... about that confederate flag guy a few replies ago on this page.... the south seceeded because the north was more industrialized that the south, because of all the machines being created during the time, the north didnt need slaves to do work, while the south was less industrialized and usually got these new machines much later than the south, due to transportation speed, and they needed slaves, or atleast my state did, and thats why MY state seceeded, although im glad we lost... i couldnt imagine being in a country called the CSA :shock:
I seperated the debate of the "Nazi" Flag from that of the "Confederate" Flag.

They're now into two seperate threads.
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