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Navigation bar suggestions


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Nov 4, 2020
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The following are just my 2 cents - input welcomed if others feel differently...

The current navigation bar looks like this:
- Home
- Forums
- Members (registered members & current visitor submenus)
- Awards (your awards submenu)
- Blogs
- Forum Rules
- Donate

Depending on the device I use, the latter two sometimes are hidden.

I think it should be rejiggered with a different prioritization. I'm thinking the following with changes in bold:

- Home
- Forums
- Blogs
- Forum Rules
-----> FAQ becomes a sub-menu
- Members
(combine Members and Awards landing pages?)
-----> All sub-menus previously under 'Members' and 'Awards' are now sub-menus under 'Members'
- Donate

This gives the Forum Rules a little more prominence, as well as donations, and perhaps the Blogs as well.

Just a thought. The current structure works fine so this is not a "I have strong feels about this" suggestion!
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