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National Health Insurance Crisis

If the national unemployment rate was 25%, would you consider this a national crisis? I know many people that would. Then why don’t people think that a national crisis exists when 25% of the population has no health insurance? Unlike the media reports on unemployment, major news outlets really don’t remind viewers of the fact that so many people lack insurance and access to quality medical care.

Many of the struggles that the uninsured deal with on a daily basis are hidden from the general public. Whether it’s avoiding a doctor’s visit for heart medication or waiting to see a doctor until an ambulance must be called, the health of many uninsured individuals is deteriorating each and every day. Although some may believe these people simply don’t want insurance, the fact is that many of these people are victims from the poor economy plaguing the United States.

For many years our country enjoyed a health insurance model which relied on the gratuity of employers. Knowing that employers had to compete for the best employees by offering health care benefits, our society was well taken care of. But now, with tens of millions unemployed, the need to attract employees with generous health insurance benefits is long gone. Are we witnessing the complete collapse of the employer based health insurance model or will the economy and job creation bounce back? These are questions that even the most respected economists can’t answer with any degree of certainty. But the latest economic numbers don’t suggest anything is going to improve any time soon.

Those that need assistance with finding short term health insurance coverage can find quite a bit of information on Short Term Health Insurance Help. Their website is run by someone that actually faced the many challenges that being uninsured had to offer. And while being uninsured is unpleasant, avoiding medical treatment can be quite serious. If you need health care, and can’t pay for a short term health insurance policy, you may even qualify for state health insurance assistance.

Although the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act may help many people, the major problem confronting health care in America is the cost. The cost of medical services certainly is not inexpensive, but maintaining the monthly premiums on a health insurance policy can equal or exceed the cost of a mortgage. For those that are uninsured, they are the ones in the heart of this national health care epidemic. As a society, we need to demand better solutions coming from politicians both on the Federal and State levels of government. If the health of our society is allowed to deteriorate, in the name of profits, future Americans will bear the burden of our current inaction.
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