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NASA mission to asteroid today (1 Viewer)


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Dec 3, 2017
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A NASA spacecraft today is expected to sidle up to Bennu, a near-Earth asteroid, in the agency’s first mission designed to retrieve a sample of an interstellar space rock for analysis and to help develop new defenses to head off possible asteroid strikes. The journey to Bennu, which is shaped like a top and as large as the Empire State Building, took more than two years.
The spacecraft is expected to collect samples of the asteroid & return them to Earth in 2023.
I hope Bruce Willis blows it up before it's too late.
I hope Bruce Willis blows it up before it's too late.

I think it will be Tom Cruise. Spacecraft are designed for short men.
That will be the next thing. Pushing an asteroid off course so it strikes Russia. Once we or anyone starts fooling with these asteroids if someone gets hit the blame game starts.
"The image, which was taken by the PolyCam camera, shows Bennu at 300 pixels..."


Please tell me they didn't really chase an asteroid for two years using our best technology only to take a photograph that is at best three times the resolution of our avatars.

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