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Name That Party


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Jun 6, 2010
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It's often been said at this corner of DP that if there is a negative story about a politician the so-called "liberal media" will name the politician's party if he/she is a Republican and not name it if he/she is a Democrat. Of course people come that conclusion based upon anecdotal evidence (as is this example), but it all bull****. This story was written by the Associated Press (AP) about Iowa's Governor.

In this Nov. 2, 2011, photo a black SUV carrying Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad, and a police escort, unseen in front, travel a reopened stretch of Interstate 680 that had been closed by flooding. A trooper pursued the same state vehicle carrying Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad on April 26 that was speeding 90 miles per hour on an Iowa highway, but declined to pull the driver over after realizing who was in the vehicle, according to records released Tuesday, July 2, 2013..

Read more here: IOWA CITY, Iowa: State trooper gives pass to Iowa governor's driver | National | SanLuisObispo.com
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