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My Voting record


Jul 6, 2016
Reaction score
Political Leaning
2004- Straight Ticket Democrat, Philadelphia PA (Presidential Vote : John Kerry)
2006- Straight Ticket Democrat, Humboldt TN (Congress)
2008- Straight Ticket Democrat, Albion IL (Presidential Vote : Barrack Obama)
(Hillary Clinton in the 2008 Primaries)

2010- Straight Ticket Democrat, Albion IL (Congress)
2012- Straight Ticket Democrat, Little Egg Harbor, NJ (Presidential Vote : Barrack Obama)
2014- Straight Ticket Democrat, Fayetteville AR (Congress)
2016- (Primaries) : Straight Ticket Democrat, Fayetteville AR (Presidential Vote : Hillary Clinton)

Petitions Signed :

Yes to allow Same Sex Marriage (before the federal mandate took over)
Yes (with terms and conditions) to allow a small amount of personal use marijuana.
Yes to allow Medical Marijuana
Yes to keep the local Ordinance version of the federal civil rights bill (and asking them if they're retarded) lol

No to allow any other drugs currently illegal in ANY amount, citing the harm that it does and the potential lethality, and the brain damage it causes.

No to locally legalize dangerous breed dogs, citing that I have seen and heard enough about dangerous breed dogs.

No to allow casino gambling, citing that it creates poverty and massive debt to casinos.
No to allow Alcohol sales past 11:00 PM or on Sundays.

No to "Tort Reform" stating that such tort reform in favor of Defendants violates the 7th amendment right to compensation and a court hearing, and denies people justice and makes the penalties for poor professional behavior economically sustainable.
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