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My theory on how the universe was created (1 Viewer)

First, I propose that:

1. Just as there is matter and anti-matter, there is also dark matter and dark anti-matter
2. Before the big bang, our universe was filled with large quantities of dark matter and nothing else.

Our universe currently consists of mostly matter and dark matter (as opposed to anti-matter or dark anti-matter). Matter and dark matter are compatible as we know, but I believe that just as anti-matter and matter destroy each other, the same happens when anti-matter comes in contact with dark matter and vice versa. At the moment of the big bang, the matter and anti matter that was created were equal (as most scientists believe), but due to the volume of dark matter that already existed, it worked hand in hand with matter to destroy the anti-matter, making our universe one dominated by matter.

The Universe

Imagine our universe to be shaped like a six sided cube, and there are an infinite number of parallel, or neighboring universes. Each universe, including our own, is surrounded by 6 other universes that fit together and touch each side like a puzzle piece. But every one of those six universes are the polar opposite to ours. Each one is an anti-matter universe and are filled with dark anti-matter. I propose that this pattern continues forever, where each universe is always boxed in on all sides by 6 opposite universes.

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Gravity and black holes.

I describe gravity in the standard way just as Einstein did, where the more massive an object, the more it warps the fabric of space. Black holes are the most massive and dense objects in the universe. Their gravity is so strong, that not even light can escape. Anything that falls into one is ripped to pieces, including the very cells we are made of.

At the center of most galaxy's there is a super massive black hole, which means the universe has billions of them. When galaxies collide their black holes envelope each other to become a super, super massive black hole. I believe that black holes are what ends the life of a universe. In the last quarter of our universes life (just a figure I threw out there), I believe there will be a hand full of black holes in our universe capable of swallowing up entire galaxies in the blink of an eye. The thing is, I also believe that there is a point where a black hole becomes so massive and dense that it goes from warping the fabric of space, to cutting a hole right through it.


It is my theory that when that critical mass is met, the gravity becomes so strong that it cuts, or falls completely through the boundaries of our universe into an adjacent anti-matter universe. It's just like if you were to push down on a steel rod in the center of a trampoline. You put all your weight and strength into it and it doesn't move, but As soon as the rod cuts through the fabric the rod shoots into the ground with tremendous force. So at faster than the speed of light, that force propels all the dark matter that had fallen through the event horizon in the last fraction of a second of the black hole's life, into the dark anti-matter in the next universe creating an explosion larger than humans could ever comprehend.

In other words, black holes are what creates a "big bang".

Since according to scientists, the matter contained at the core of a super massive black hole is basically the same as what they say existed a billionth of a second before the big bang in our own universe, this seems to be a plausible hypothesis.

Well, that's my theory anyway.... Of course I still haven't come up with a solid answer as to why the universe is expanding faster and faster each day... But neither do any scientists, so I guess I'm in good company.


Before you comment, my credentials:

Dropped out of high school senior year to join the Army
Obtained a GED at age 26
Attended 1 year of college before dropping out.

Worse subject in high school: Science
Number of classes taken in college related to this topic: 0
Number of classes outside college I've taken on this subject: 0
Number of Books I've read on this subject: 0
Number of visits to a planetarium: 1 (7th grade)
Number of telescopes owned in my life: 0

I watch a lot of space documentaries.

Thanks for posting your thoughts. Interesting.

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