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My sister got evicted (1 Viewer)

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Feb 17, 2022
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My sister and her roommate is living with me..
Because she got evicted after I told some red neck maintenance man who threatened me and my sister this, after I put my handgun to his head.

I told him that first of all, you stupid ****ing NRA gun nut repuke, in bred Arkansas red neck...
You're going to give me that ****ing gun...
I'm confiscating it..
Or I'll blow your head off and then confiscate it..

(He gave me his gun)...

Then I told him this...

I'll visit my sister here all the **** I want, any time I want, and you dont like it, **** you.

You're going to learn to shut the **** up and keep your hands to yourself right here.. right now...

Threaten me one more time, or put your hands on me one and I'll blow your ****ing head off..
And then I fired the pistol right by his head, in his ear...

Then I told him if he threatens again, or puts his hands on my sister...
I'll blow your ****ing head off...
Then I shot the pistol in his other ear..

I then pistol whipped him in the head with my gun, then kicked him in the back, pushing him forward onto the ground..

After I did that, the corporate people showed up at the apartment with the Benton County sheriff and evicted my sister and her roommate.

I rented a two bedroom, two bathroom apartment here in Sunnyvale, california..
I'm glad to be the **** out of the south.
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