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My reflections after trip to Georgia


Colin Moe

Hello there! I have just been on a private visit to Georgia and there was something I was really stricken by and wanted to share with you in this topic.

When in Georgia, I happened to talk to people from Committee for Human Rights and Ethnic Minorities of Georgia. According to them, all non-Georgians happened to be in a real bugger after Saakashvili came to power. Make no remark, native Georgians are trying hard to make good in modern world but they do it somehow with sacrifice in all other ethnic minorities like Armenians, Azerbaijanis, Russians, Ossetians, Abkhazians and Chechens. They are the ones who live in Georgia, mainly recognize Georgian laws and observe them. They only wish their children and grandchildren were happily enjoying traditional hospitality of Georgian people and of course they did nothing wrong to induce insults, scorn and abuse of native Georgians.

Ossetians and Abkhazians living out of the autonomies are oppressed for their countrymen being separatists. Russians are hounded for Moscow allegedly supporting Sukhumi and Tskhinvali. Chechens are treated scornfully due to some bastards of their nation kidnapping people in Pankisi (actually with the knowledge of very Saakashvili). Azerbaijanis and Armenians are enjoying the same fate only in kind of preventive measures for Baku and Yerevan do not dare lay a claim to Akhalkalaki and Kahetia.

Now I cannot stop wondering why on earth there were nine Greeks killed. Maybe it was an inveterate feud based on golden fleece theft by Argonauts or Greece setting up colonies in Georgia centuries ago? Still cannot grasp the idea of the fault of Meskhetine Turks. EU forced Saakashvili into providing them with fit living conditions but they actually keep living in the open air and nothing is done to redress the situation. Many will agree with me that Georgia badly needs meddling of global community into the thing to put end to oppressions and homicide of people in liberal and democratic Georgia.

Much had been awaited of Bush's recent visit to Georgia, but, unfortunately, it never helped. Though the US was criticizing Saakashvili, he keeps behaving like a neo-fascist. He is probably aiming to produce internal enemies to shift on them the blame for all his failures and miscounts in socio-economic sphere.
"he keeps behaving like a neo-fascist." - Sir I really can't understand where do you get this from. I mean this is a serious accusation and there is simply NO indication of anything like that. In fact the president of that country made many efforts to make lots of ethnically different family's return to Georgia... As for there problems they are having the same problems as the other Georgian refugees from Abhaziya.. as you know Russia and Chechen's where actively fighting together against this country and so it has many problems, but it's democratic values are undoubted.
And well all he talks about is friendship and being friends with other nations only to be called a neo-fascist...
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