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My prediction (not prophesy) of the end times


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May 6, 2016
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Here's my prediction (please note that I'm not saying that this will absolutely happen and that all future dates are merely ballparkings)

the US and russia after thawing tensions will enter a 2nd cold war in a few years if it's not already here. The iron curtain will be more favorable for NATO and on the eastern side will be russia (including crimea and exclave) and belarus Over the course of decades, technology will advance and america will likely become more dependent on technology. In russia, the muslim population, dominant in the south, is increasing as the rest of the population slowly dwindles. The government is overall islamaphobic which would cause tensions. In addition to this, in the south where most russian muslims live, there are regions attempting to break away such as chechnya and daegestan, the latter of which is heavlily leaning towards salafism:
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This cold war will last until september 19 2051 when daegestanian hackers will hack into many US security systems and cause military robots to malfunction. Basically, some of the robots will kill everyone on site. This will INFURIATE the US seeing this as a declaration of war. This will drag all of the other NATO countries into war with russia. Russia will destroy much of america and western europe's infrastructure. Russia's infrastructure will likely be even worse as nato countries concentrate their nukes on russian targets as well as uzbekistan, kazastan, tajikistan, turkmenistan who will take sides with russia. Belarus will likely try to stay out of world war 3 and condemn "russia's" attack on the US. NATO will win ww3 but they will be too broken to rebuild russia or possibly themselves. India will officially replace the US as superpower. Wait, how did india become superpower? Isn't india one of the poorest countries in the world?

Half a century ago, india and china were both very poor. It wasn't until china started modernizing and opened up to world trade; that caused its quality of life to rise. Now, people are saying that china will be next superpower. However in late 2015, its gdp growth rate started decreasing. This was due to the government being in control of the economy and giving it to the people who didn't know economics as a result of centralized socialism (no country has ever achieved true communism). India will not have that problem because india is a free market and is currently where china was back in the 80s. Looking at current trends, it seems that the PRC will fall by the end of the 30s and tibet will become independent. This may sound far fetched but it's exactly what happened to the soviet union. China's gdp will exceed amrica's gdp by that period but the growth rate will likely be even lower than america's. India's military is also slowly reducing its dependency on exported weapons and tanks. Pakistan's economy will be left in the dust and will collapse in the mid 30s (this also sounds far fetched but the soviet union was probably in better shape when it collapsed). Due to china's ties with many african countries and indian ties with nearby countries, and latin america going up to american and european standards, the southern union will be formed.

The year is 2056, america's military is in dissarray, crimea once again belongs to ukraine, and india has become a world leader. The last time a sudden shift in world politics happened was during 1991 when the soviet union collapsed. Russia is much like afghanistan and somalia during the 90s and is fractured. India has been offering foreign aid to nato and russia. In 2068, india will assist a jewish russian named Vladmir benjamin (basic jewish russian name) into power to help rebuild the broken nation. Around the same time, synthetic meat will replace real meat and slaughterhouses go out of business (predicted in revelation). This person in power will rebuild russia by 2080. Nobody thought he could do it; it's almost as if a higher power is assisting him. He will aim for the goals of karl marx and bring back the soviet union. Many european countries will witness russia's rebirth and see communism as the answer. The us will eventually abolish the constitution in 2093 which will cause a civil war. Russia will back the new government while india and latin america backs the rebels. The tide will shift into the favor of the communist government when the rapture occurs in 2098. The tribulation will begin on 2103 when peace in the middle east happens. Then 3.5 years later, war will happen and jesus comes back on 2110.

P.S. could you move this thread to religious discussion?
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P.S. could you move this thread to religious discussion?
What is it you would like to discuss/debate? It sounds like a narration for a game on Xbox. How about Modern Warfare5--Endgame
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