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My Positions

I just want to have a statement as to my positions on common issues for the few who will be interested, or as a place I can point to when asked.

Pro free market economy mixed with some mechanisms to reduce the effects of that type of economy's flaws. The aim would be to maximize broad based prosperity and worker quality of life.
Pro government charity for the poor. Everyone benefits from investing in the poor, and everyone should have to do so. It shouldn't fall only to the ones who 'want' to.
Pro full equality for all citizens, including LGBTQ, including marriage and employment protections.
Pro choice.
Radically Pro 2nd amendment.
Anti "corporations are people". Corporations are chartered for the public good, or are supposed to be. When they cannot be regulated so as to create (on net) that good, they should no longer be chartered.
Pro Privacy. No Dragnets (NO NSA). Snowden is a hero.
Pro Separation of Church and State, in the Jeffersonian sense. All laws should be based on logical argumentation with the aim being to preserve civil order. No law should be based on religious doctrine, revelation of any kind, or for the purpose of not offending religous sensibilities. No public funding of any religious based effort, or support of religion in any way. Tax the churches, and let them be politically active. It just mucks up the works to try and sort out 1st amendment considerations with their tax exempt status.
Pro Science. Anthropogenic Global Warming is real, Evolution is fact, The Germ theory of disease is true, Vaccinations do not cause autism, not sure what to think of bio-engineering yet.
Pro environment, with the stipulation that policies should mainly be aimed at human benefit. Some consideration ought to be given to the higher animals as well.
Anti American Empire. It erodes our rights at home, and is unsustainable.
Pro illicit drug legalization with specific mechanisms to provide treatment for addiction. With legalization should come a law specifically stating that government policy will be toward harm reduction. Initially, the government should take over production of now illicit drugs, so that criminals shall not be rewarded by allowing them to 'go legitimate'. The drug war is a farce.
Pro Israel, with the clarification that sometimes they are the assholes.


Dec 9, 2013
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Evolution is certainly not a fact but I liked how you worked that into the same sentence as "pro science". So points given for being funny.


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Oct 30, 2013
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Colorado Springs, CO
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Nice list ... my first impression? Does schizophrenia run in the family? You may be the most liberal conservative, or conservative liberal, I've ever met!
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