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My Identity Has Been Stolen


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Dec 1, 2005
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Washington DC
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Dear Posters,

I post in an online Lincoln-Douglas style debate forum here: http://forum.lddebate.com

Approximately 2 months ago, an user joined the community named Sir_Robin12. He was a spammer and a constant flamer, and took every opportunity possible to insult or degrade people. After being attacked for his abrasive manner, he quickly changed his name a number of times, to Dr. Turtletab, Red Dragon, and Fregoli. He also deleted old posts in order to make it seem that members were talking to themselves, entered random threads and posted strings of inflammatory comments, and attempted to hack into my account (which, on the other board, is also Nikola).

This guy is just a jerk.

Today, I found a new thread on the other forum I post in (the thread is located here: http://forum.lddebate.com/index.php?topic=5956.0 ) which pointed my attention to the fact that there is a poster here named Nikola as well. He (currently) has a Mario avatar, claims himself to be a Libertarian (which he knows that I am), claims to live in Florence, Alabama (whereas I do not), and has a signature that reads "Give someone a match they will be warm for a minute. Set someone on fire they will be warm the rest of their life." This user is probably a copycat attempting to sully my (already dirty) name, and it is most likely Sir Robin. The reason is that I was instrumental in getting Sir Robin kicked off of the other board in early November.

You will notice that the other 'Nikola' registered on this board joined this forum in November. He took a quote for his signature that has been in the signature of user "wish_i_was_santa" from my other board, probably in order to make me believe that it was Santa committing this imitation. Unfortunately, the ruse failed, and it is clear that the other 'Nikola' account is just an attempt by Sir Robin to insult me (on a board that I do not post in, no less).

Please disregard any comments by the other Nikola. He will probably soon change most of his information to match mine in order to avert suspicion from himself, but there is certain information, such as post count and sign-up date (my sign-up date is December 1st) that he cannot change, so you can tell our accounts apart by that if nothing else. His comments are all most likely facetious in order to make me appear stupid. He will intentionally make inflammatory and controversial posts to **** users off because he probably believes that the backlash will carry into my other debate forum and hit me directly. I really don't care.

I just thought that I would give all the members of this board a friendly notice that you have a spammer, flamer, impersonater, and amateur hacker on your hands. What you choose to do now is strictly up to you. If you wish to check the validity of my claims, simply visit http://forum.lddebate.com/ to see the forums in which this Sir Robin character attempted to ruin the board and the manner in which I responded to him, getting him frustrated enough to leave the forum.

I don't like bearing bad news, and I give my apologies in advance for 'unleashing' such a burdenous and annoying character onto your boards. Have a good day, everyone.

(the real one)
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