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My Fellow Americans...A note from A JFK conservative Democrat who is politically homeless.

My Fellow Americans, This is my very first BLOG and I want to make it about what LOYALTY to your country means....in my opinion, of course.

A Loyal American, to me, has the following traits. Traits JFK, MLK, Bobbie Kennedy, Lincoln and others before tried to bring out in us.

1. A loyal American means you do not put your political party about the nation. Yes it is a fine line, but the line is still there nonetheless.

2. It means you ask not what the government can do for you, but what you can do to better the government. You may have heard this somewhere before. The government answers to us. We have the right to change it if it does not do so. It is also not your nanny. There comes a time in your adult life you have to be responsible for your own destiny. Grow up and take that responsibility.

3. It means you will respect how others voted, and cheer their right to do so, even though they may not have voted your choice. Voting your own choice is a foundation of our Republic. Everyone has the honor of doing so. To revile and hate them for doing so means you revile and hate one of our basic rights. You can hate their choice, but don't hate them.

4. You thank Providence for your defeats before your victories. You learn more from your defeats and your victories merely reinforce what you have learned from those defeats.

5. You accept your defeats gracefully. This is the time for learning, not excuses and finger pointing.

6. You stand for the national anthem out of respect for those who gave you the freedom to cuss the government. Few places will let you do this.

7. You condemn and revile any desecration of the flag and of our monuments. They are our history, whether you like it our not, good or bad. If you don't like a monument, then petition those who erected it to have it removed or brought down. Mobs are not only unamerican, but also illegal. Mobs also have a very low overall IQ and can be persuaded to do anything once formed. Read Shakespear's Julius Cesar if you doubt this.

8. No matter what your political lean, you are still loyal to this country and work to make it a better one. If you hate this country, then you are not part of any solution, but only want to bring it down. No matter if you are considered right, left, or center, if your actions are to try and make this a better country for future generations, others will see this and just might come over to your side to help.

9. You do not buy into "identity politics". No one group of anyone all vote or think the same way. The biggest redneck I ever met was a black retired Army Sargent. The most liberal person I ever met was a white woman from the deep South, and the most brilliant mathematician I ever met was a gifted skinny black kid from Compton.

10. Lastly, leave out the vitriol and hate. If you get radicalized by radio and TV, then you are no better than those ISIS fighters who thought they were on some holy crusade too. Shut it all off and get out and mingle with your fellow Americans and see we all share the same biology, and have our individual hopes, dreams, and needs. The less hate you have in your heart, the more you will see this.



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Dec 3, 2018
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Agree with it all, except number 4. You slip that in as though belief in a Providence is a given. Many have decided, after much consideration that a God who is silent and unresponsive probably does not exist. Are those people to be excluded? Why "In God we Trust' ? We don't all trust in God...... in fact his reputation in that department is not good, as recent history shows us.


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Jun 16, 2018
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I agree with nearly all of this,. Your values represent what America used to be like. Russia and the US don't have many common interests, but used to have some common values, patriotism, and a mutual respect for each other. Now it's all very different. Identity politics and diversity create division in the West. Respect for your opponents has gone out the window. Now it's all about 'them and us'. It's about the demonisation of the 'other', about the celebration of individuals and a dislike of the collective (whether the state, church, or even clubs). I hope that one day the US recovers from the insanity of intolerant liberalism. I wish you well in that cause.
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