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My experience with the man in black


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Oct 8, 2005
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Several days ago I went to a bar to drink. As I was drinking a curious individual sat next to me. I looked over my shoulder to pretend that I was looking at the blond hair bimbo. But I was not staring at the blond hair bimbo both eyes were on the black hair bimbo and he wasn't even a bimbo it was a he.

After several drinks and further growth into drunkenness. I moved the eye from dead center to dead right to see him. And that was when I could tell he was grinning. So I said, "I knowz ya! You that secret agent guy from the car that tried to rape me." His grin turned into a smile. He responded "your drunk". Me: "bitch I aint drunk!"

He goes here drink this and he hands me a empty cup with a small amount of blue liquid that is thick like sperm. So I go "how do I know that this isn't a toxic mushroom or LSD?" "You don't but just try it. It will open your mind to reality". I was like no way! So I dropped the cup to the ground and ran for my life.

"You drink the blue sperm, and we see how far your rabbit hole goes"
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