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My Dirty-faced Boy

(This has always been one of my favorites. Wrote it for my son)

Mommy can I go play ball?
Or can I catch some bugs?
Mommy can we have a picnic,
on your brand new rug?

"I won't spill, I promise!"
he says, being most sincere
as his koolaid goes tumbling over
then Mom yells, "Get out of here."

He comes in from a day of playing
with dirt all over his face
skinned up knees and holes in his jeans
and hair very much out of place.

"Look at you!", mommy cries
and into the tub he goes
scrub him up and get him clean
and then into the washer goes his clothes.

"Now you be good and don't you splash."
Mommy cried as she walked out the door
and when she came back, just as she thought
There was water all over the floor!

Mommy bundles him up in his jammies
and tucks him into bed
leaning down, she tells him she loves him
and kisses his clean forehead.

As he drifts off to sleep, she watches him
and is sorry for yelling, from the start
for even though he makes her angry
she loves him with all of her heart

So even though he is constantly dirty
and makes the biggest mess
In my heart, this Mom knows
She is so very blessed.

So when he is rough and tumble
and when he brings me great joy
no matter what, he will always be
My sweet, little, dirty-faced boy.
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