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My Democratic plan for Immigration. The Newliberal way


Dec 17, 2004
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Immigration debate has to deal with an ignorant Public

You've often heard politicians profess their faith in the American people's ability to get issues right. I share their faith IN THE LONG RUN. The magic of our nation is our commitment to the free exchange of ideas, and a determination to find Truth. While the masses are necessary to produce the products and perform the services that make up the economy; as well as actually fight the enemy and win the War, they are actually worse than useless in terms of setting national policy, and understanding complex issues such as Immigration. Why? The public often comes to believe the opposite of reality, and demand politicians make policy that is against their interests. Now surely there are some who are noble, but most are just uninformed. This immigration debate needs to illuminate economic realities as well as national security.

As Americans we constantly demand a higher standard of living that has been financed through cheap labor both here and abroad. Those who truly want our current immigration laws enforced need to realize that in doing so they are advocating overall higher prices and a lower lifestyle. The millions of low-income workers who provide the backbone of our economy compliment the cheap goods that flow from third world countries to produce quality products and services at a low price.

Conversely, those who refuse to seriously address the illegal immigrants coming and staying in this country need to realize that an open border policy is dangerous. The damage that can be done by terrorist activity by an illegal person is too immense to ignore. In addition there is a tremendous economic burden placed on many governments that isn't balanced by their contributions to THAT COMMUNITY. If there isn't a severe penalty to those who came illegally and ultimately stay here, the message will be sent that the risk was worth it. That would ensure an even larger group of people circumventing our immigration laws in the future.

No rational person would leave their back door open while they went to sleep each night. Further, that nothing bad happened for one day, a week, or even years, wouldn't have any bearing on the potential risks in the future. Most issues are like this, good hearts and minds on both sides, but stubborn facts available to arrive at a conclusion.

Here's my plan as a newliberal having heard all sides:

1. Actually close the border to all immigration. We should use the national guard, the military, volunteers, and any means to get the actual number of people coming here legally or illegally to ZERO. The only people we would let in would be those with economic or other means, that we were sure would return home after a short visit.

2. Survey our economy, and find out how many low-income workers our economy needs for the lifestyle we want. This involves trade-offs at all levels including the social costs of assimilating different groups, the displacement of some in the workforce, security concerns etc.

3. Have an orderly application process, including those who are currently illegal (or undocumented). If they are present, and already productive they should have a preference.

4. We should actively search for and deport undocumented people who can't demonstrate that they are productive. We need to commit the resources to protect the borders from now on with the vigor of searching for a nuclear bomb. There could be one there.

Craig Farmer

making the word "liberal" safe again!
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