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May 19, 2005
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This debate forum you all are already at is so awesome that I doubt any of you would decide to check mine out, but I asked if I could post my link here anyway and I was told yes so this is my link http://rc12d.proboards33.com/index.cgi. I don't have half as many people as this site has but there are some interesting debates going on and I would love for some new input from any side. I have Republican, Democrat, and Libertarian members there so far but any other party is welcome to add some spice too. Thanks
Mods, I did indeed give Republican permission. Though honestly thought it was just for the signature. lol

Republican, thank you for requesting permission. :)

Anything that will get folks involved in discussing political issues - I am all for.

The colors are very hard on the eyes IMO.
Let me know if your interested in static link exchange on our links page.

Nice looking sig, but try borders.. they're nifty!

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