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My Blood Cries Out (Poem)

On the ground
Dripping slowly from my chest
Gunshots ringing in my ears
I lived in a quite live
In remote part of the country
I followed the rules
Was inside by curfew
Didn’t protest
And went to pro-government rallies
But my heart began to ache
After living a lifetime under this ruler
Having my voice silenced, my protests dispersed by tear gas
Being subject to random searches
Having friends disappear in the middle of the night
I hear America talking of freedom and democracy, of peace and justice
Yet they are the very ones supporting this government
My heart began to ache and I began to take action
No more random searches!
No more crushing of dissent!
No more ‘disappeared’ friends!
I will march, even if it is just me alone
I will fight for the freedom of my country
For the freedom to talk with friends openly
For the freedom express my opinion
For the freedom from constant fear
But here I am now
Blood dripping from my chest
Yet my blood cries out
For freedom
For justice
For democracy
I am the son in Tunisia
The daughter in Egypt
The father in Palestine
The mother in Bahrain
My blood cries out
To live a normal life
And until that occurs
My blood will cry out


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