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Music for a desperate economy (1 Viewer)



Polarity/1 recently released his new EP, “FREE MONEY (But You Have To Pay)." The EP is a collection of many songs the artist has written about the free-falling American economy. With this 9 track album Polarity/1 addresses the predatory financial system and those who suffer its consequences.

“Free Money” and “I’m So Broke” were featured in the 2006 documentary "In Debt We Trust," directed by Danny Schechter which predicted the economic downturn and subprime mortgage crisis. Nicknamed "The News Dissector," Emmy Award winning Schechter investigates the criminal aspects of the catastrophe in his latest film "Plunder" which features the songs, "Plunder” and “Home Sweet Home.”

The FREE MUSIC (But You Have To Pay) EP is available for download at no cost at: Polarity 1: AgitPop-Free Downloads

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