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Mundane Self Reference In The Phrase People Of Colour

"Mundane Self Reference In The Phrase People Of Colour"

An item is red because all colours of light are absorbed except red, which is reflected; and an item is orange, or yellow, or green, or blue, or indigo, or violet for the same reasons.

While white reflects all colours, black absorbs all colours.

If one were to combine the scientific meaning of colour with skin and perform a metaphorical analysis, the fairness of the assertions may become very contentious.

Whatever blacks assume about the meaning of the reference, one may consider that the phrase is a pejorative pseudonym which implies that whites are colourless and consequently trivialized.

Unless blacks wish to continue to subvert themselves and provoke a damning retort for diminishing others, they had best devise an other schema, else someone may be compelled to challenge the nuances of metaphorical meaning.
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