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Multitude - I never thought it would apply as much as now


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Jun 20, 2018
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Miami, FL
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I wrote this poem called "Multitude" some 25 years ago. I never thought it would apply as much as it does now.

Think of it as it applies to Trump (despair and pitfalls) and Biden (happiness and light)


Deep despair upon the waking of each morn
To feel the palpable pitfalls to befall us every day
Constantly searching for that illusory road
To take us to an everlasting and fulfilling light

A multitude of pleadings voices are waiting to be heard
Their deep and anguished souls wishing to be loved
Forever doomed to sit astride a fleeting ray of hope
In search of someone with a loving heart

Short but sweet moments of happiness are often found
Upon the arms of those who feel in kind
Love blossoms for a brief and wondrous moment
But often vanishes swiftly like a scared and skittish cat

Bosoms clutching eternal hope for celestial beams of light
Which will clearly signify the end of all the strife
Everlasting peace is where the search does always go
Praying that when its found it will forever last

Ambrosial thoughts pervade our thinking minds
Of conceivable, achievable drafts that we can use
To paint our way we choose the colour gold
Our emblem of a harmoniously concluded life

Joyous precious thoughts forever begging to be born
To bask upon the ecstasy of real true love
The flickering candle of our burning soul
To hold its flame until our last and final gasp

Love fulfilled beyond our wildest hopes
The valiant quest which fills our empty lives
If we, but once, can achieve that hard elusive goal
Our tired souls can rest in peace for all of time.


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Jun 13, 2019
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I'm glad it was an early attempt.
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