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Most Politicans, Democrat or Republican, Are Like Nixon


Sep 23, 2005
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Heh Clinton was exactly like this but was much worse than Nixon. Clinton was state publicly that he did not support a partioning of Bosnia, especially one that was accomplished through genocide, and then turn around and actually push for the partitioning of Bosnia and rewarding the worst war criminals since World War II for the crimes they committed, rather than punishing them. Here is the article:

Documents Show Nixon Deception on Cambodia By CAL WOODWARD, Associated Press Writer
44 minutes ago

WASHINGTON - Even after Richard Nixon's secret war in Cambodia became known, the president persisted in deception. "Publicly, we say one thing," he told aides. "Actually, we do another."

Newly declassified documents from the Nixon years shed light on the Vietnam War, the struggle with the Soviet Union for global influence and a president who tried not to let public and congressional opinion get in his way.

They also show an administration determined to win re-election in 1972, with Nixon aides seeking ways to use Jimmy Hoffa to tap into the labor movement. The former Teamsters president had been pardoned by Nixon in 1971.

On May 31, 1970, a month after Nixon went on TV to defend the previously secret U.S. bombings and troop movements in Cambodia, asserting that he would not let his nation become "a pitiful, helpless giant," the president met his top military and national security aides at the Western White House in San Clemente, Calif.

Revelation of the operation had sparked protests and congressional action against what many lawmakers from both parties considered an illegal war. Nixon noted that Americans believed the Cambodian operation was "all but over," even as 14,000 troops were engaged across the border in a hunt for North Vietnamese operating there.

In a memo from the meeting marked "Eyes Only, Top Secret Sensitive," Nixon told his military men to continue doing what was necessary in Cambodia, but to say for public consumption that the United States was merely providing support to South Vietnamese forces when necessary to protect U.S. troops.

"That is what we will say publicly," he asserted. "But now, let's talk about what we will actually do."

The papers also show concern that superpower rivalry would take a dangerous turn if events in the Middle East got out of hand. Israel's secretive nuclear program quietly alarmed Washington.

One U.S. official, reporting to Secretary of State William Rogers in 1969, said Israel's public and private assurances that it would not introduce nuclear weapons to the Middle East could not be believed.

"Israel's possession of nuclear weapons would do nothing to deter Arab guerrilla warfare or reduce Arab irrationality; on the contrary it would add a dangerous new element to Arab-Israeli hostility with added risk of confrontation between the U.S. and U.S.S.R," Sisco said.

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You mean they are all crooks? Whoops, I think Nixon stated that he was not a crook.
Old and wise said:
You mean they are all crooks? Whoops, I think Nixon stated that he was not a crook.

Pretty much. Wait, if Nixon stated he was not a crook, then I guess it must be true. :smile: Or it could be state/say one thing and do another kind of deals.
Actually, to be frank with you, I think we have had a few presidents after Nixon that were worse than Nixon, but they just didn't either get caught or they were allies with the right people in DC.
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