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Most important, most total tax paid or percentage of income paid in taxes?


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Nov 10, 2016
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The American tax system goes well beyond the Federal Income tax which most people talk about. It includes Federal sales taxes, FICA and Medicare Taxes and then the state and local income and sales taxes, state and local property taxes and those pesky licenses and fees we all have to pay to own a car, drive a car and work in many professions. Now wealthy people probably pay the most taxes of any other group and this is often pointed out when our congress wants to cut Federal income taxes.It has been pointed out though that in many cases poor people often pay as great and even greater percentage of their total incomes in when considering all of the taxes we pay due to the repressive nature of the overall American tax system. So is the total tax a person pays the most important thing to consider when looking at our tax system, or is it the percentage a person pays of their income in total taxes?
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