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Mosque, Cordoba, Park 51, Cultural Center ... ?

The media is apparently moonlighting for Imam Feisal by changing the vernacular of the Manhattan Mosque. First it was the "Cordoba House" even after the connotation "Cordoba" raise critics hackles claiming such a site would be a "monument" to Islam's victory over the United States. Such statements are not investigated, however the words used in this debate by the media are changing.

"Ground zero mosque" is now "Islamic Cultural Center"
"Cordoba House" is now the "Park 51 Project"

While the debate rages in the streets with protesters for and against, the media has clearly made their choice FOR the Mosque, Cultural Center, Park 51, whatever you want to call it. Not only have they chosen, they've decided to play PR rep for Imam Feisal by doing the following:

The media, those who cannot see the enlighten ways of allowing the 3rd mosque within a 12 block radius near ground zero are hammered with charges of "Islamophobia", intolerance, and bigotry.

Associated Press: Stating "We should continue to avoid the phrase "ground zero mosque" AP Memo

Time Magazine:Morning Joe

CNN: Amanpour's roundtable identifies how courageous and correct President Obama was to stand up for his "belief". Funny, "belief" wasn't a strong position when Bush was in charge.
1.) KATHLEENMCKINLEY.COM: CNN Compare Ground Zero Mosque Protestors to Nazi Sympathizers
2.) Eyeblast.tv

CBS: According to Bob Schiffer - the Islamophobia and ignorance is the internet's fault primarily, because there's no "editor". The Downside of the Internet - CBS News Video

NYTimes: Frank Rich sums up the progressives redefinition very well, while stating it's all Rupert Murdoch's fault. http://www.nytimes.com/2010/08/22/opinion/22rich.html?_r=2

What's it all mean? It means our media is squarely in favor of the mosque, cultural center, whatever you want to call it. And since the folks who are proposing this building have done such a poor job at media relations, our liberal based MSM is stepping up to do damage control. They do this by claiming people who are protesting and do not want this building so close to the former WTC are: ignorant, islamaphobic, bigots, misguided, discriminatory. The people themselves must be neocons, idiots and the inevitable nazi comparison (CNN) maybe came later than I expected. You don't agree with the media? Well you're obviously a bigot.

What's lost here? Facts. If the MSM put as much investigative power to find the truth about this building as they did Sara Palin's family in 2008 - we may not have much of a controversy. Why then aren't they? Do they shudder to think what they find may not be what they believe and if so... what do they do with that information? Stuff it away or shred it and vow never to speak of it again? Can't take that chance so the media is not putting on a full court press for the real story - they'd rather weigh in as a PR firm releasing statements.

At the end of the day - when you think of Manhattan NY, don't you just think, "Hey, we need another mosque / Islamic Center, Park 51, down here because Manhattan is just sorely lacking in diversity."



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The thing with our media is that it has no hatred and fear as our people do.
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