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Mosque at ground zero


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Aug 17, 2010
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I am slightly intrigued to why it seems that radicals and non-radicals alike are hostile about the planning of the mosque two blocks away from ground zero. Is it so innocent to convict an entire religion and demand that they be punished for the actions of those who were unconnected to them?
Should you be excluded from things because of Christians who have erred in the past, if you are Christian?
Should you be disallowed to walk into a Jewish community if you are of German descent?

I would also like to inquire about what is considered to be the "hallowed ground" that debaters fuss about the mosque being on. Would it be a problem if it was, say, five blocks away, rather than two? Ten, perhaps? Would it still be hallowed ground if it was only barely in the city?
The GZM *is* at Ground Zero.

It *is* hallowed ground.

Human remains were found as far north as the East River and as far west as South Street according to the 9-11 Families website:

9/11 Families for a Safe & Strong America

The GZM has the right to build there, but they should heed the requests of family members and victims of Islamofascist hate crimes.

On 9-11, nearly 3,000 hate crimes were committed by 19 Islamic terrorists.
There's enough Mosque threads already, stop making them.
"We need religious tolerance!"

NOTE to Mayor Bloomberg: There are 4 mosques in lower Manhattan already.

How about the Islamists show some *tolerance* to gays and lesbians who are persecuted in the Middle East?

Right. It doesn't happen.

Sorry for that comment.
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