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Moscow Skyscraper Talks Continued Through ‘the Day I Won,’ Trump Is Said to Acknowledge


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Sep 3, 2018
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For the past few days, the timeline of Trump's involvement with discussions with Russia over the building of Trump Tower Moscow Hotel has changed time and time again. Originally, the Trump campaign said all talks ended in January, 2016. That was later revised to June 2016. Now Rudy Giuliani claims those discussions continued up to the election in November. Voters didn't know that Trump was conducting all these business meetings and had all these interactions with Russia while he was campaigning for president. What if they did, would that have made any difference?

Moscow Skyscraper Talks Continued Through ‘the Day I Won,’ Trump Is Said to Acknowledge


WASHINGTON — President Trump was involved in discussions to build a skyscraper in Moscow throughout the entire 2016 presidential campaign, his personal lawyer said on Sunday, a longer and more significant role for Mr. Trump than he had previously acknowledged.

The comments by his lawyer Rudolph W. Giuliani indicated that Mr. Trump’s efforts to complete a business deal in Russia waned only after Americans cast ballots in the presidential election.

The new timetable means that Mr. Trump was seeking a deal at the time he was calling for an end to economic sanctions against Russia imposed by the Obama administration.
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